Al-Khail New Website

Al-Khail new website 

     We are pleased to share our brand new website.We have completely redesigned our layout.

Al-Khail’s website is now easier to read with strong focus on content delivery. We want you to know who we are and what we do.

Al-Khail's motto for the site is “keep it simple: never let users get lost”. The new website is designed to allow users to quickly find the contents they are looking for from the main page. In addition, its low hierarchical structure allows users to find information easily and smoothly.

Al-Khail new responsive website

     With the website relaunch, the new layout is completely fluid and fully responsive. The new website design is optimized to look clean on all types of browser resolutions. It also has a touch-friendly mobile navigation menu. The touch-friendly menu navigation will show on your mobile phones and tablets. Please feel free to check out our relaunched website. We hope you enjoy our website.